Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Getting busier

From the standpoint of work, things are getting busier. I've been fielding calls from all over, and even was called by a local radio station to offer advice to those who might experience problems with the Daylight Saving Time coming into force earlier than normal this year. People with relatively new computer operating systems will not have to worry, but if you have portable devices that do not synch to a central server (such as wristwatches, PDAs, some cell phones, home appliances with timers, etc.) or if you are using an out of date operating system or scheduling software, then you will need to take some action.

I've been working on artwork for a new rear-window banner for my business vehicle. I thought I was ready to take it to the sign maker, until I received some very important feedback. It looks like I'll need to reconsider some elements of the artwork before I commit it to vinyl.

We got a new dog at the end of January and that's working out really well. He's fully integrated into the family now, and has a personality all his own. Despite having him for nearly a month, none of my family members have seen him yet. I'm looking forward to the inevitable introductions sometime soon.

Tomorrow, I return to the sleep clinic for my next sleep apnea test. I'm already using a CPAP machine based on the result of my first sleep study in December. But the doctor thinks I have a more serious condition that might require a Bi-PAP machine. We'll see how things go...

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dad would have been proud!

My father grew up in Europe during the depression. He was a big believer in conservation, and never throwing anything away that could be used again. For his 84th birthday, two months before he died, my wife and I had baked him a birthday cake and placed two candles, an "8" and a "4" on the cake. We joked with him that we would save those candles for my wife's 48th birthday, which was to take place four months later. To honour his memory, we kept those candles, and did, indeed, use them for that occasion. Fast forward nearly three years...

I've blogged before about the coincidence of both my grandchildren being born on the same date, four years apart. Today is their birthday. They turn 8 and 4 respectively. And we plan to use those very same candles for their cakes.

Dad would have been proud.